dimanche 4 décembre 2011

Deux rilises von Rhinau

Otto von Rhinau proudly presents deux rilises :

Sirona is an underground netlabel based in France. Sirona was established in order to promote & release wide ranges of electronically developed music made by artists from all around the globe


** Chez Kulturterrorismus, une cassette 60 minutes Empty Nose Syndrom:

His latest album “Empty Nose Syndrom” leads off with melodic and rhythmic parts mixed with distorted guitar lines and spoken words. Subtle the atmosphere moves to gloomy epic drone and ambient sounds, intermitted by metallic  noise patterns. Processed radio signals and hidden voices build up psychedelic sound sculptures which change with Birds to a relaxed ambient piece to end up in a weird telephone call distorted by noise.
Buy (6 € + shipping) directly @ label[@]kulturterrorismus[dot]de or save at Bandcamp! Trades are welcome! Please ask!