vendredi 1 avril 2011

Contributions : Hal McGee's International Email Audio Art Project

The Homemade Music Movement has grown from the roots of the Mail Art Movement, and in order to pay due respect and acknowledge these origins, I propose an international EMAIL audio art project in which contributors will send to me a one-minute miniature audio work in mp3 format (plus visual works if desired) attached to an email. These works will be published together in volumes online.

Here it is
  1. volume1 : 56secondes
  2. volume3 (MrPiggyPopp) : Hal3
  3. volume4 : Nope
  4. volume5 : IEAp4
  5. volume6 : Otto Von Rhinau & undRess Béton - Chateau Subtelabor
  6. volume8 : KlingKlang
  7. volume9 : Anton Mobin & Otto von Rhinau - Not a groove
  8. volume10 : Anton Mobin & various artists - Ultimate song